Tuesday, October 6, 2015


70 ROOM OF THE TERRIBLE GUARDIANS. A heavy and forbidding looking iron door is to the north, flanked by wall-mounted torches burning with eerie green flame and by demonic-looking statues, each with gems for eyes. Above the door is the caption “HERE LIES CERASUS THE UNCLEAN, THRICE-DAMNED AND DESPISED FOR ALL ETERNITY”. The southern door and western arch are not specially decorated.

The statues resemble those found in Rooms 28 and 32. The eyes of the east statue are bright blue sapphires and the eyes of the west statue are deep red rubies (all four gems are 1000 gold crescent value each). Attempting to dislodge the eyes will cause the statues to glow blue and red, respectively. The east statue will give off a cold aura causing 2d8 points of damage. The west statue's aura causes 2d8 points of heat damage. A save may be made against dragon breath to reduce the damage by half.

If the north door is approached, the statues will swivel their heads and both flash beams from their eyes towards the intruder, attacking as 8 hit die monsters. The east statue has blue eye-beams which cause 2d6 points of cold damage on a successful “to hit” roll. The west statue has red eye-beams which cause a similar amount of heat damage. The statues can fire once per round, but not if their eyes have been removed. The door is locked.

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