Tuesday, March 10, 2015


9 WHISPERING WALLS. Those who enter this room are exposed to a dimly heard but most unnerving whispering sound. There is a dirty octagonal glass window in the south wall, about three feet wide at its widest point, located about three feet off the floor.

The sound is too soft to make out the words, but listeners will have the dreadful sensation that the whispers are damning criticism of themselves. Creatures who are semi-intelligent or less are immune to the effect. Non-player characters are made uneasy by the sound and can only remain in the room for as many segments as they have hit dice.

The Dungeon Master should relate to player characters that they feel increasingly paranoid and nervous the longer they remain in the room, though the sound cannot by itself force them to leave.

If the walls are investigated, even a cursory inspection will cause the examiner to discover they are covered by millions of tiny 'crying' Triskelion faces whose miniature mouths are moving and producing the plaintive whispering.

Characters who spend 2 or more rounds in this room must begin to make saving throws versus death magic in order to avoid the mind-bending effect of the whispering. Success means that the character has staved off the effect for that round. In the case of failure consult the following table.

Fail by
7 or more

Panic: Individual must leave room immediately, will be unable to engage in meaningful activity for 2-8 rounds

Enrage: Individual affected must immediately launch a spell or physical attack upon any other creature. During enraged period of 2-8 rounds, creature will not think of defense or any action save attacking.

Feeblemind: This will affect even non-spellcasters. The individual's combined intelligence and wisdom is in the 0-5 range when so affected. The affected creature cannot attack or defend. This condition lasts for as long as they are in the room, then another 1-4 turns following. All memory of spells are gone, though they can be recovered by a heal, restoration, or wish.

The window leads to Room 10. It has no latch for opening it and the simplest way to get through is to smash it.

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