Saturday, March 14, 2015


13 REVERSE GRAVITY ROOM. The ceiling of this room is unusually high at sixteen feet. A small table and set of three chairs is in the center of the room. On the table is a bowl which appears to contain brightly colored fruit. A large window is located high on the north wall.

This room has its gravity reversed, although this is not immediately obvious. This is a trap set by evil gnomes to entice the unwary to enter the room. The table and chairs are actually bolted to the floor, something that can be noticed by adventurers if they state they are looking at the table and chair legs closely before entering the room. The fruit is just colored wooden pieces glued to the bowl, and the bowl is itself bolted to the table.

Anyone who does enter the room will succumb to the reverse gravity and fall to the ceiling, taking 1d6 damage. They have now entered the Third and a Half Floor.

The window is large enough to accommodate a human. The glass slides aside to allow access. The secret door on the east wall is also a sliding panel type.

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