Friday, February 20, 2015


69 UPPER RITUAL ROOM. The imp described in Room 56 of the First Floor, Agyrfals, is here.

Near the northwest corner is a desiccated male human corpse wearing a red robe and a red mask with a diabolic visage. He carries a gold unholy symbol of uncertain denomination, but worth 45 gold crescents. He has a pouch with two amethysts (base value 100 gold crescents) and he wears a gold chain valued at 28 gold crescents.

The walls are undecorated stone with fake stained glass windows in the north wall. These depict the following monsters: a succubus, an efreet, a bone devil, a nightmare, and a rakshasa. They are each back-lit by a continual light spell over a pane of pale green colored glass, causing them to glow eerily. The floor is a single stone block upon which a magical circle of protection has been carved. Eight tall black candles supported by freestanding holders are arranged around the circle. This room is open to, and the stairs lead down to, Room 56 of the First Floor.

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