Wednesday, February 18, 2015


67 TEA ROOM. In the center of the room is a low-set round table. The walls are wood-paneled and there are three stained glass windows featuring abstract patterns of orange and red. The floors are wood, with a green and orange carpet.

The table is set with a red tablecloth and place settings for four. When the characters enter the room, piping hot tea will be present in a silver pot (20 gold crescent value). One cup is here for each member of the party. The tea is delicious and not harmful. Sugar cubes and cool cream are here for those who would like it. The teapot will pour an infinite amount of tea, as long as it is in this room. If removed, it is a normal teapot of the stated value. If returned to the room, it will function as before.

If the characters leave the room, close the door, and return again, fresh tea and cups will be here and any mess will be gone, as long as the teapot has been left here. The characters may visit as often as they like. No wandering monsters will be encountered in this room unless the teapot is no longer present.

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