Wednesday, February 11, 2015


60 HIDDEN RETREAT. This room's original purpose has been lost and the jackalweres use it to store their victims and valuables. There are several tiny windows located high up on the south wall. There are three partially eaten corpses, two wooden chests, and an iron box.

The corpses are a hobgoblin male wearing black Triskelion livery, a human female wearing chain mail, and an elf male wearing a green robe with pale yellow moons.

The chests and box are locked. The keys to the locks are hidden behind a loose stone in the south wall.

The first wooden chest contains a black iron footman's mace, a sling with twelve bullets, 16 silver spanners, 25 gold crescents, 12 copper pieces, and a green wizard's hat with pale yellow moons.

The second wooden chest holds a bag of 167 gold crescents, a bag of 269 silver spanners, and a bag of human finger bones.

Finally, the iron box is armed with a mechanical finger smashing trap which will cause 1 point of damage and cause the temporary loss of 1 point of dexterity until the adventurer regains normal hit points. It contains the rotting head of a talon goblin. Inside its mouth is a moonstone worth 250 gold crescents.


  1. A small correction; in the previous entry you say the secret passage leads to room 56, but it should say leads to room 60 (this room).
    Groaning Spirit

  2. Good job. Thanks so much for noticing it. I corrected it. Sometimes I tweak the map and add more rooms, then things like this happen.