Friday, February 13, 2015

Castle Triskelion Outer Ward Second Floor published at & Magazine

I am happy to announce that the Second Level of the Outer Ward has been published over at & Magazine. The usual thanks go to Bryan Fazekas for editing/layout, Handley Jackson for editing, and Robin Irwin for allowing us to use his art for the cover. There are also a few new illustrations done by myself. I have probably been neglecting Ron Redmond, who does the Public Relations work for & Magazine. Just want to let you know Ron that you are appreciated!

The next level of the blog, Third Floor of the Inner Ward, will start on March 2. I have done extensive reworking on the map, and will update it when the rooms start being blogged. Let's just say there will be 106 rooms instead of the 45 that show right now.

Even though a wandering monsters list will come out on March 2, I will hold off on putting out stats for the new monsters until they show up in the rooms, to avoid crowding at the beginning of March.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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