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61 PROP ROOM. This large, irregularly shaped room has walls of dressed stone and a dark wooden floor. There is a large display stand, four large wardrobes, a huge wooden chest, and four unlit candelabras

The display stand in the center of the room holds fourteen stylized masks, sized to fit over a human head like a helmet:

This pale yellow mask is wrinkled and the expression is sad.
Anyone wearing the mask must save versus spells or age 1d10 years and gain 1 point of wisdom permanently. The mask will then immediately turn to dust (while still being worn). The aging can be counteracted if a restoration spell is cast on the afflicted, however, the point of wisdom will also be lost.
This is a red mask with a expression of great fury.
Anyone wearing the mask must save versus spells or attack the nearest character immediately for 1d4 rounds. If they make the saving throw, they are merely very angry and will berate a random person for 1d4 rounds. If removed from the room it will turn to mud after three days.
This pink mask has the chubby face of a child.
Anyone wearing this mask must save versus spells or speak only in baby-talk for 2d4 hours. This mask will immediately turn to ordinary cheese (gouda) if taken out of the room.
This mask is a white skullface.
Anyone wearing this mask can cast a fear spell as if they were a 16th level magic-user, no material components required. After three such uses, the mask will shatter, causing 1 point of damage to the wearer.
This mask is the head of a red dragon.
Anyone wearing this mask may breathe fire as a red dragon, doing damage equal to their current hit points. After three such dragon breaths, the mask will turn into red paint adorning the character's face.
This mask is plain white, without openings for a mouth or eyes.
If it is put on, the mask will adhere to the skin of the wearer and the unfortunate victim will find himself or herself unable to see and unable to breathe. They will begin thrashing about, as if drowning.

A character may hold his or her breath for a number of segments equal to his or her constitution score. After that, the character will begin to smother. This takes 3-18 additional segments, in which the character cannot aid in helping himself or herself. Each segment spent in this fashion costs a hit point of damage, even if the character is rescued. If not rescued within that time the character is dead, but can be revived by a cure wounds spell if cast within 5 minutes. This will bring the individual to the 1 hit point level.

The mask can be removed by force causing the victim 4-10 (2d4+2) points of damage as their flesh tears loose.
This mask is the face of a handsome warrior.
Anyone donning the mask will be affected as if they drank a potion of super heroism. Naturally non-fighters will not gain the benefit. The effect may be used three times, thereafter the mask will crumble to ordinary wood shavings.
This mask is a pale green face in a grimace of pain.
Anyone wearing the mask must save versus spells or contract a random disease as found in the Dungeon Masters Guide, page 13. Anyone who makes the save suffers only 1d4 hit points and is violently ill as they empty the contents of their stomach. If taken from the room, this mask will turn into green slime (AC 8; MV 0”; HD 2; hp 5; #AT 1; D Turn to slime in 1-4 rounds; SA Corrosive properties; XP 620).
This mask is a smiling face.
The wearer of this mask will collapse to the ground in ecstasy for 2d4 rounds. Thereafter he or she must save versus spells to take it off, as the artificial joy is highly addictive. Anyone succumbing to the mask will resist attempts by others to remove it. A person afflicted with joy will be unable to fight, cast spells, or perform tasks requiring concentration, including eating and drinking. The wearer may walk, with assistance, and the mask can be removed by force or while the wearer is asleep. However, once the mask is removed, the afflicted must again save versus spells, and if they fail they will do anything to get the mask and put it back on again (treat as if under a geas). No matter what happens, this mask will turn to pink smoke three weeks after being taken out of the room.
This tin mask depicts a regal visage with a stylized wooden crown.
Whoever wears this mask must save versus spells or become infected with Delusional Insanity (see Dungeon Master's Guide page 83). The wearer will believe that he or she is a monarch, and expect that others will obey him or her. This condition will persist and the mask cannot be removed until a remove curse spell or similar curative (heal, restoration, wish, etc.) is employed. If it is successfully removed, this mask will turn into a real gold crown worth 900 gold crescents.
This mask is a bright orange with an expression of terror.
Whoever dons this mask must save versus spells or become infected with Hallucinatory Insanity (see Dungeon Master's Guide page 84). The Dungeon Master will decide the form and effect of the hallucinations. This condition will persist and the mask cannot be removed until a remove curse spell or similar curative (heal, restoration, wish, etc.) is employed. If it is successfully removed , this mask will turn into a writhing pile of maggots.
This silver mask depicts the face of a pretty young girl.
It has no special properties, but is made of silver and worth 175 gold crescents.
This mask looks like the face of an ewe.
Anyone wearing this mask is automatically affected as if by a symbol of hopelessness, as cast by a 18th level magic-user, except the effect will last for a whole day. After the day is over, or if the mask is removed, it will turn to sheep dung. Removing the mask does not reverse the symbol.
This mask resembles the face of a tiger.
It is only a paper tiger mask.

The wardrobes hold colored cloaks and robes, none of which is particularly valuable.

The large wooden chest holds stage makeup and several pieces of worthless costume jewelry (six necklaces, eight pairs of earrings, twelve rings, four bracelets, two crowns, three medallions, and six scepters).

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