Monday, December 29, 2014


19 WASH ROOM. A giant snake has taken up residence here.

Giant Poisonous Snake (AC 5; MV 15”; HD 4+2; hp 22; #AT 1 bite; D 1-3; SA Poison; XP 275)

The bodies of two giants rats and a man have not yet been devoured. The man is dressed in normal chain mail armor and has 6 gold crescents, 64 silver spanners, and 16 copper pieces in his pouch. He also has a prosthetic peg-leg which is made of fine wood and inlaid with silver (worth up to 100 gold crescents to a collector of the bizarre or to a person with one leg).

This room is paneled in wood and is much nicer than most of the other wash rooms in the castle. The floor is tiled with brown stone and each stall is equipped with a privacy door. There are pumps and stone basins on both the east and west walls, providing warm and cool water. Wooden shelves hold fancy red and white towels. Lighting is supplied in the form of four crystal swans mounted on the wall. Each has a continual light spell cast upon it. In addition there are two glass skylights in the ceiling.

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