Tuesday, December 2, 2014


57 MAP ROOM. Dozens of large maps hang from the walls covering every surface except for four large glass windows in the south wall. Several smaller maps are spread out on a large table in the middle of the room.

Most of these maps describe the areas surrounded the castle within about 100 miles, naming local cities and strongholds with fair accuracy.

Also represented are apparently fanciful maps labeled 'Fairyland', 'Cloud World', “Gargog's Realm”and so on. One map even shows the surface of the moon complete with names of cities and craters. Quality is highly variable from one map to the next and several are incomplete as well. Some of the maps are written in shorthand or alien languages and impossible to decipher without a comprehend languages spell.

If the maps are removed and sold, they could command a good sum of money, perhaps 1500 gold crescents for the full collection and a proportionately lower value for a partial collection. Of course, that is supposing that an interested buyer could be located, such as a sage, library, retired adventurer, etc.

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