Monday, December 22, 2014


12 WAX STORAGE ROOM. Twenty three huge blocks of firm white wax are here. Six have been partially carved into shapes that correspond to human body parts and white shavings are all over the floor. One of these carvings is a giant-sized arm which will attack suddenly surprising on a 1-3.

Giant Wax Arm (AC 9; MV 1”; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; D 1-8 + 7 due to hill giant strength; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 590)

This arm should be treated as a wax golem and has their normal immunities and vulnerabilities (immune to cold-based and mind-influencing magic, fire causes +3 on attack dice to it.)

Metal sculpting tools are on a short bench against the west wall and a few white smocks are on the floor, although there are hooks in the south wall upon which to hang them. The process for creating wax golems requires trace amounts of gold, and there are three gold wires on a shelf (15 gold crescents each).

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