Saturday, December 6, 2014


61 UNFINISHED ROOM. The door to this room is stuck tight, as it is warped. An 'open doors' roll is sufficient to allow entry. Inside the floors are made of rough boards. Glass windows to the east look towards the Outer Ward, while small decorated arched open windows to the west look upon the Feast Hall (Room 2, Ground Level). Various rusting carpentry tools and few warped boards lie carelessly strewn about this long dusty room.

Against the north wall, there is an odd machine. This metal and stone box-like structure stands eight feet tall by four feet square at the base. A coin slot is present on the front and there is a pull-out shelf at the bottom (like a vending machine).

If a gold crescent is inserted in the slot, the machine turns it into a tiny but beautiful gold statue of a swan worth 20 gold crescents and deposit it on the shelf. Similarly, it will turn a silver spanner into a small silver spider statue worth 2 gold crescents. Should a copper piece be submitted it will flatten it and put a Triskelion stamp on it. This has little value except as a souvenir. Other currency will not work, it will just slide down through the guts of the machine and end up on the shelf. The machine is old and has not been serviced in years, so there is a 5% cumulative chance, starting with the third use, that a coin will jam the machine and it will be forever broken.

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