Monday, July 14, 2014


Looking to the future, I will begin blogging about the Cellars sub-level below the Inner Ward Ground Level on the 18th, in just a few days. After that, I will either do the next sub-level, the Sewers, or I will go up to the First Floor of the Inner Ward. Haven't decided yet.

The maps for the Cellars and Sewers were revamped to include new areas. Take a look at them on the right, if you wish. As mentioned before, I switched everything over to, and having received no complaints. So that is where they will stay for now.

Bryan Fazekas, the editor over at & Magazine, has been editing the next levels of the Outer Ward that I sent him. They should be coming out soon in PDF format along with a supplement with all the New Monsters and Magic Items from the Outer Ward. As always, this content is and will remain 100% free.

Friday Night Fights is one of the most popular things on the blog and it has been neglected for too long. They are time-intensive and have languished lately. Hopefully, I will get one done by Friday. In any case my plan is for them to come back.

I was interviewed by The Examiner online magazine recently.

Well that is it for now. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. As always if you have any comments of suggestions, you can send me an email or type below.

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