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1 STORAGE ROOM. The ceiling height is twelve feet. There is a set of stairs that ascend to Room 3 of the Ground Level and there are two doors to the north. Two muddy metal beams are near the south wall (used for crossing the pits in the Sewers). This room holds eight crates and six barrels.

Crates 1 and 2:      Broken into, contents removed

Crate 3:      Four huge wheels of hard cheese wrapped in wax

Crate 4:      Cooking oil

Crates 5 and 6:      Broken into, contents removed

Crate 7:      Smoked fish

Crate 8:      Broken into, contents removed

Barrel 1:       Rotting apples

Barrel 2:       Sea salt

Barrel 3:       Empty

Barrel 4:       Animated skeleton clutching a rusty dagger

Skeleton (AC 7; MV 12”; HD 1; hp 3; #AT 1; D Dagger; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 17)

Barrel 5:       Lamp oil equivalent to three hundred flasks

Barrel 6:       Two thousand seventeen nails

The sixth barrel is located above the concealed trapdoor. The barrel itself can be rolled aside from above by any two man-sized persons (or three smaller demi-humans, such as a gnome or halfling) quite easily if done from above. It can also be moved from above by a single person bend bars/ lift gates roll. Taking the nails out and then moving it is also possible, but takes several turns.

The trapdoor consists of two elements. The first and uppermost is simply several boards hinged on one side and swinging upward. Below that there is a green metal disk with a raised wheel in the middle. The wheels will normally be in the 'locked' position, and must be turned clockwise to open. A wheel is present on both sides of the door and can be opened from above or below. This system was put in place to prevent flooding of the cellars from the sewers and when it is closed the door is hermetically sealed.

The trapdoor leads to Area 1 in the Sewers. There is a metal ladder which extends down ten feet. The Red Legs sometimes use this room to leave the castle through the Sewers exit.

The two doors to the north are both made of iron and both barred from this side.

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