Wednesday, July 16, 2014


66 DINING HALL. Near the northwest corner the body of a small humanoid or demi-human is suspended from the ceiling in webbing. The tables and chairs that occupy this room have been knocked about, as if by an angry giant. Four large glass windows are to the south and cabinets line the walls.

The body is that of a talon goblin. It has been drained of blood. The body has a pouch with 2 silver spanners and 6 copper pieces. A footman's flail stained with green ichor is on the floor nearby.

The cabinets hold plain wooden bowls, plates, utensils, and pitchers.

A rat-hole in the west wall leads directly to Room 67. This hole is sized for a giant rat, but an unarmored gnome or halfling could easily fit through. Anyone peaking through the hole is likely to be attacked in the face by one of the giant rats in that room.

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