Sunday, January 1, 2017


8H SUCTION TRAP. The staircase leading to this room goes up fifteen feet. The party will be able to hear a low humming as they approach this room. The ceiling is twenty feet high and covered with a fine grid of black metal. The floor is graced by a very large tile mosaic of a crying Triskelion face with one eye, cyclops style. There is a noticeable breeze in the room and the hum is coming from the ceiling.

When the center of the room is reached, a row of pressure plates running from north to south will activate strong fans above the ceiling, which will suck any adventurers in the room upward twenty feet, doing 2d6 damage as they hit the grid. The fans are strong enough to lift objects smaller than an ogre or horse.

The fans respond to a sudden loss of pressure on the grid, so if a person on the ceiling manages to separate themselves from this surface, the fans will turn off and the person will fall back twenty feet to the floor. The distance between the ceiling of the room and the ceiling of the passages to Rooms 8A and 8I is ten feet.

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