Saturday, December 31, 2016


8G ROOM OF DOUBLES. This room will behave like Rooms 8E and 8F in regard to blocked entrances. A weird purple crystal is embedded in the ceiling. Shortly after the fall of the bock, the crystal will emit an eerie purple light, which will coalesce into duplicates of the adventurers.

The duplicates that are created look just like the party members but have purple skin. They will have the same weapons, armor, armor class, hit points, movement rate, etc. as the party member they are duplicating but cannot casts spells, use thief special abilities, etc. In other words, they are only good for fighting. Duplicates have no real intelligence or personality and cannot be targeted successfully by mind-affecting spells such as sleep, charm, or hold.

Each duplicate will have a 500 gold crescent value amethyst embedded in their forehead. The duplicates' equipment is real and will remain even after they have been defeated and dissolve into purple gas. The weapons, armor, rope, iron spikes, etc. will have the same value as normal items. Treasure carried by the duplicates will not be valuable. Coins will only be iron instead of gold and sparkly glass instead of gems, for example. Magic items will be replaced by non-magical analogs (a normal sword instead of a magic sword or a blank sheets of vellum instead of a scroll).

When the duplicates are defeated the room behaves like Rooms 8E and 8F.

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