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8R CHASM OVER THE RIVER AISLING. The staircases leading from Room 8L ascend a total of 30 feet. As this room is approached, the sound of rushing water can be heard from the River Aisling. The room is lit by great burning torches on the north end (the two red circles) and there is also a yellow and red circular single-occupant tent. Standing astride the stone bridge is a figure clad in black plate mail with a black dragon great helm that obscures the entire face. The black knight will block any person who attempts to cross the bridge, saying, "None shall pass". Up to two persons can stand abreast and attack the knight in melee at one time.

Sir Atherington of Covby, The Black Knight (AC 0; MV 12”; F4; hp 20; #AT 1; D Two handed sword +3 to damage due to strength or heavy crossbow; SD Magic armor; S 18(23), I 10, W 3, D 16, C 17, Ch 3; XP 230)

Sir Atherington is under the charmed influence of the cursed armor he wears. It controls all of his actions, forcing him to challenge and fight all comers. He has thirty bolts but will not use the crossbow unless attacked by missile fire or ranged spells.

Cursed Black Dragon Plate Mail Armor +3
  • Lawful evil, Intelligence 17, Ego 32 (similar to an intelligent sword)
  • Permanent protection from normal missiles
  • Ignores first 10 hit points of magical damage each round (from spells, magic items such as wands, rods, and staves, or spell-like abilities, not from magic weapons).
  • Wearer does not need to eat, drink, or breathe while wearing the armor.

If Atherington is defeated and the magic armor is put on by a party member, it will attempt to charm the user. The wearer must save vs spells at -4 or be placed under the influence of this monstrous charm power. If the wearer makes the save, the armor can attempt to charm again once each day.

If a person succumbs to this charm attack they must will stay here (or travel here, if the armor has been removed) to challenge any who try to cross the bridge. They will lose 1 point of wisdom and 1 point of charisma each week they wear the armor, until these scores reach 3.

If Sir Atherington is defeated but the armor is not taken as spoils, there is a 10% chance that another has succumbed to the armor and is here as the black knight if the room is ever revisited. Of course the armor can be destroyed or thrown in the river instead.

If the party manages to save Sir Atherington from the armor, he will wish to return to his estate of Covby just outside of Sarcoy. Sir Atherington is neutral good. His father the Lord of Covby will provide a reward of 10,000 gold crescents and will knight any fighters among those saving his son. This knighthood grants the knight the ability to engage in formal jousts and certain other particulars detailed in The Forest Perilous section of the dungeon.

The bridge is about twenty five feet above the level of the river water. The two magical torches are huge and each weigh about 3000 gp weight. They will burn without need for fuel forever.

The tent holds treasure taken from those the black knight has killed.

  • A treasure map leading to a crypt in the Lott Hill Graveyard in Sarcoy. There are 1412 Jalluxian platinum Imperial coins in a wooden coffin in a mausoleum labeled with the name "Braggadaccio".
  • A backpack holding 713 Dwarvish electrum lugdushes.
  • A sack of 616 gold crescents
  • 3 potions of healing, each labeled (blue, no taste)
  • 1 potion of diminution, labeled (green, tastes of milk)
  • 1 potion of invisibility, unlabeled (red, tastes of sour wine)
  • A scroll of protection from zombies in an ivory scroll case worth 10 gold crescents
  • A sling of seeking +2
  • A gold signet ring with the Trsikelion crest worth 125 gold crescents

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  1. I assume immunity to magical charms or a mind blank effect can block the curse of the armor? It's how I would rule it.
    Groaning Spirit