Tuesday, January 24, 2017


10A TEST OF THE BODY. The door to this room from Corridor 9I is made of brown wood. A wizened old man with long white hair and watery eyes sits behind a desk in the center of the room. When the room is first entered the two other doors seen on the map (green and yellow) are not present.

The man will look up from sheets of papers and ask the party members if they would like to trial the test of the tower. If any would like to participate, they may sign their names with a black pen on one of the sheets of paper in front of the man. If they look they will see there are already about fifty or so signatures on the page, and each has been crossed out.

If the party attacks the man, their weapons will pass through him and he will seem to be unaffected by all attacks. He is actually a complicated programmed enchantment, like a magic mouth or high level illusionist magic.

If party members agree to participate and sign their names, the old man will swell up to impressive proportions, gaining large amounts of muscle, height, small horns, and a lemon color to his skin, looking much like an yellow efreet. Meanwhile, the desk, chair, pen, and papers will turn to yellow smoke and disappear.

Test of the Body (AC See below; MV 12"; HD See below; hp See below; #AT 2 fists; D 1-8/1-8; SD Limited spell immunity; XP See below)

He will fight as a Fighter of the same level as the highest level that a tower climbing participant has, will have maximum hit points for that level, and the same armor class as the best among the participants. He is an enchantment made into a physical body and is immune to sleep, charm, hold and other mind affecting spells. He can be affected by dispel magic, but he should be considered as a 18th level magical effect for this purpose. Compute his experience point value as if he had a character class.

Any party members, familiars, pets, henchmen, etc. who do not sign their names will not be able to fight him. Their attacks will simply pass through his body without doing harm.

Upon the defeat of the Test of the Body, a yellow door will appear on the north wall. Those who have signed their names will be able to pass through the yellow door. If anyone who has not signed their name tries to enter the yellow door, they will instead find themselves walking back into this room through the green door, which will materialize for this purpose. If they try to walk back through the green door they will walk back into the room through the yellow door. In this way the room will try to thwart non-participants.

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