Wednesday, January 25, 2017


10B TEST OF THE MIND. Upon exiting the yellow door from Room 10A, the participants in the tower climb will find themselves in a vast maze of transparent walls of magical force, like the maze spell. Each participant will think they are alone. They may give up and return to Room 10A by exiting the yellow door, which they will always be able to find or they may find their way through the maze which will take a certain time based upon their intelligence:

Up to 3
2 to 8 turns
3 to 5
1 to 4 turns
6 to 8
5 to 20 rounds
9 to 11
4 to 16 rounds
12 to 14
3 to 12 rounds
15 to 17
2 to 8 rounds
18 and above
1 to 4 rounds

Upon escaping the maze, the participant will find himself or herself in Room 10B as it really appears. If others are still trapped in the maze, the finisher can see them walking about feeling invisible walls, but they can not be disturbed or brought out of this trance-like state until they solve the maze.

The finisher will be greeted by a creature resembling the Test of the Body. This is the Test of the Mind and looks very much like the other but has skin the color of blueberries. He is incoporeal, a powerful programmed illusion with auditory and visual capabilities and an ability to interact with characters. It will ask a question and the correct answer is required to move on to Room 10C.

The finisher may wait for any additional party members to solve the maze or he or she may answer the question right away. If the participant elects to answer alone, the conversation with the Dungeon Master should be private.

The question will be one of the following (DM choice or make up your own):

Question 1:
It occurs once in a minute
It occurs twice in a moment
And never in ten thousand years.

Answer 1: The letter 'M'

Question 2:
Which of these math problems is impossible:

2m + 4n + 8 = (2m)(4n)

2x + 3y + 10 = 4x + 6y +14

3a + 4b = 5c

Answer 2: 2x + 3y + 10 = 4x + 6y +14. If the variables are eliminated the constants do not equal each other.

Question 3:
There is one word that is the most difficult in all of the world.
Spell it and I will let you pass.

Answer 3: Spell the word it: 'I T'.

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