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10E PRISON. The ceiling of this room has a very high ceiling which tapers to a pyramidal shape, as it is the highest floor in the tower. A seventeen foot tall woman stands here. She has gold skin, four arms, and tendril-like silver hair each strand of which is thick as a man's finger. She is blind folded with a gold cloth and is bound by her wrists and ankles with huge metal shackles and chains to thick moorings on the floor.

Caprice, Chaotic good enchanted life form (AC 2; MV 21”/24”; HD 17; hp 86; #AT 1; D 7-42; SA Spell use, psionics; SD Resist air-based damage; MR 60%; S 24, I 17, W 16, D 16, C 24, Ch 19; XP 9150)

Cleric Spells:
Augury, Cure Light wounds, Detect Lie, Dispel Magic, Neutralize Poison, Protection From Evil, Remove Curse, Resist Fire

Magic user spells:
Confusion, Forget, Friends, Haste, Hold Monster, Ice Storm, Mirror Image, Shocking Grasp, Slow, Wall Of Force

Psionic Ability: 134

Attack/ Defense Modes: B,C,D,E/ Immune to psionics

She was created out of magic and elemental forces several hundred years ago by a powerful group of Triskelion wizards led by Boniface and Astrid Triskelion in a attempt to make a being that was strong as a titan and who had the powers of a djinn. Rebelling against the selfish wishes of her creators and yearning for freedom, she attempted to fight and escape. Using their combined mighty magics, the Triskelions bound her and forced here into this tower until they could think of a way to force her to their will. They placed the challenges in the lower levels so that only they could enter back into this room, thinking in their arrogance that only they could solve the Tests. Eventually the wizards quarreled among themselves, as is their way. The tower's original purpose was forgotten after hundreds of years and the entry passage was tunneled into and replaced with the burrows of the ghost spiders.

Caprice has the djinn's resistance to air-based attacks and can fly at will. She has the same ability as a djinn to create food, drink, soft or wooden items, and metal items. If she is freed from her shackles (this requires only the removal of a pin from each of the six moorings) she will be profoundly grateful. She will grant each of her rescuers a wish and then smash a hole in the wall and fly away.

Her blindfold is made of cloth of gold and worth 300 gold crescents. Her chains and shackles appear flimsy but are made by dwarves out of platinum, mithril, and infernal silver and strong enough to hold a titan. They are worth 20,000 gold crescents and weigh only 1000 gp weight in total.

After the room has been entered, the door will turn green. Taking it will lead to Room 10A and the green door will then disappear. Once the tower trial has been completed, the old man in Room 10A will no longer appear.

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