Friday, December 2, 2016


8I COMPACTING WALLS TRAP ROOM. A huge metal one-eyed crying Triskelion face is mounted in the center of the west wall, about a foot off the ground, about eight feet high and five feet wide. When the room is entered, a falling block will drop down blocking exit in a fashion like that described in Room 8E.

The east wall will begin moving towards the entrance to Room 8H. It moves slowly, taking about 3 rounds to crush any victims into the wall. It does not quite reach the west wall, because the Triskelion face sticks out a little bit. If the wall succeeds in crushing the adventurers, they must make a save vs death magic or die immediately. Even if they make the save, they will take 1d20 + 10 hit points of damage, which may prove fatal.

At this point a staircase will form in the north portion of the room, leading down fifteen feet to a passage leading to Room 8F.

The trap can be disarmed, however. The eye in the giant Triskelion face looks like red concentric circles, like a target for archery. If the eye is struck by significant force (such as an arrow or even a punch), the wall will stop compacting and slowly return to its normal position. A staircase will then form in the south portion of the room, leading to 8J.

Each staircase will remain for 1 turn before closing up again. Both staircases can not be active at the same time. Once the staircase closes back up, this room will become inactive for 24 hours.

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