Wednesday, December 14, 2016


5N WANDRA'S BEDROOM. This room is guarded by two fierce corn dogs.

2 Corn Dogs (AC 6; MV 12"; HD 2+2; hp 6, 11; #AT 1 bite; D 2-8; XP 53, 68)

These creatures resemble ears of corn with yellow dog heads and legs. They take double damage from heat or fire as their kernels explode and pop away from the body, giving off a pleasant fragrance.

This room is furnished as a bedroom. A wardrobe holds numerous dresses sized for a very tall woman. Among the furnishings are the following items of value: a silver comb (150 gold crescents), silver eating utensils and plates and bowls (ten piece set, total value 300 gold crescents), nine silver candle holders (worth 15 gold crescents each), a labeled potion of plant control (green, smells of lavender) in a stoppered glass flask, and a bag of beans.

The bag of beans holds 7 beans. When planted and watered the following will emerge.

#1 A bush grows. Its branches hold a total of 1275 gold crescents, hanging like fruit.

#2 A twenty foot high by up to twenty foot wide wall of fire is created, lasting for twelve turns.

#3 A small tree will grow. Its branches hold squirrels that hurl small acorns and insults in the common language.

#4 Green slime will bubble out of the ground in a small puddle.

#5 A geyser of black crude oil erupts with great force. Everyone within 20 feet is coated with it.

#6 A clothes tree will grow. It holds a pair of new blue slippers, some tattered underwear, and a human sized cloak of elvenkind.

#7 A large green egg will spring forth. It holds a green dragon hatchling (50%) or a baby basilisk (50%)

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