Saturday, December 3, 2016


5C GREEN HALL. At first, the floor here appears to be a shaggy green carpet, but the strands of the carpet are moving rhythmically back and forth in a hideous and disquieting manner. This is actually a living plant like creature similar to a trapper.

Grass monster (AC 8; MV 3”; HD 4; hp 20; #AT See below; D 1d4; SA Crush; XP 205)

The size of the grass monster is shown on the map. If it is attacked without anyone trying to cross it it can reach out with a corner and attack once per round for 1d4 damage only. However, it prefers to wait to attack until several persons have stepped onto its surface. When a person has reached near its center, it will collapse upon itself. All those trapped inside will take 1d4 damage crushing per round without requiring a “to hit” roll by the monster.

It is very thin, so it cannot smother opponents like the trapper, and those trapped inside it can still use small weapons to attack it (short sword size or smaller). Anyone attacking the grass monster while it has people inside it have a 50% chance of doing an equal amount of damage to a random victim with each successful hit to the grass monster.

The grass monster is carnivorous and ignores plant life such as vegetable men and pea heads.

The stairs at the base of the tower lead up about two inches (twelve feet in scale terms) to Room 5O.

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