Monday, December 26, 2016


8B BEDROOM. This stair leading to this room ascends fifteen feet. The room is chillingly cold and breezy. The corners appear dark even when bright light is brought in. It is furnished as a bedroom for a person of upper middle class standing. A large fireplace is in the east wall, with a portrait above it. The bed holds the gently breathing figure of a person under the blankets, with old boots sticking out from under the sheets. A small table holds a bowl containing purple glass grapes.

The figure under the bedclothes is a special wooden mannikin which is gently moving because a small windmill runs through its body to under the bed. It is the breeze that acts upon the arms of the windmill, operating a piston in the mannikin's torso causing it to move rhythmically up and down.

The portrait is of a man wearing purple robes and holding a bowl of grapes. If the portrait is examined, the observer will notice that the portrait shows that the man is standing in this very room, to the left (to the south of) the fireplace. There is a opening behind him in the portrait. This is a clue to the location of a secret door, which can be easily found if the clue of the portrait is discovered. The painting is, of course, signed by Patrizio Triskelion.

At the bottom of the bowl of glass grapes there is a small glasteel key, which can be used to open the secret door by application in a small keyhole. The secret door will not open unless the key is used or magic such as the knock spell is used.

If the fireplace is explored, it goes up about twenty feet before ending bluntly. A halfling or gnome will easily fit but a dwarf would be a tight squeeze. A stone drawer is built into the wall. It holds 200 Jalluxian gold dragons and a manual of stealthy pilfering.

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