Thursday, July 16, 2015


4 PARLOR. This room is furnished with many small tables, couches, and chairs. Candelabras are present, but none are lit. Near the east wall is a sideboard buffet table and a large aquarium is near the south wall. An open book is on a lectern near the center of the room. There are several large glass windows.

Any loud noise, such as clapping hands, will cause the candelabras to light (or go dark) by themselves. They will radiate a small amount of evocation magic. If they are removed from the room, they will stop working.

The table holds a crystal decanter and six crystal serving glasses. Within are stored eight bottles of wine and three of brandy. The decanter is quite valuable (900 gold crescents), and each serving glass is worth 100 gold crescents. The bottles of wine are worth between 11 and 20 (1d10+10) gold crescents each and the bottles of brandy are worth between 16 and 35 (1d20+15) gold crescents each.

The huge aquarium (8' X4'X4') holds several animated skeletal piranhas swimming about. Also within the aquarium is a funny looking cyclops statue, large numbers of tiny pink rocks, and a ring with a blue gemstone.

9 Piranha Skeletons (AC 7; MV 6"; HD 1; hp 4 each; #AT 1 bite; D 1; SA Target throat; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 22 each)

The sides of the aquarium are made of normal glass and may be broken easily. If the piranhas are disturbed or the glass is broken, they can even attack when they are out of water. They can jump from the aquarium or launch themselves to a height of up to six feet from the floor. They will go for the throat and a successful hit means they have attached themselves and will continue to do 1d6 damage each round automatically until they are defeated or the victim is dead. The ring is a ring of water walking.

The lectern contains a spell book that holds all the spells possessed by the apes, along with read magic and erase.

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