Saturday, January 31, 2015


52 DANCE HALL. The first time the characters enter this room, they will view a ghostly dance. About two dozen faintly glowing yet transparent couples, dressed in impeccable finery, are dancing to eerie music. The dancers are completely incorporeal, and cannot be affected by the characters in any way whatsoever short of exorcism. Any attempts to touch the dancers will be met with no resistance and the adventurers may walk through the dancers if they choose. The dancers will take no notice of the characters and will continue dancing as long as the characters remain in the room.

The second time that this room is breached, the dancers will have disappeared, but one of the adventurers (chosen at random) will still be able to hear a few snatches of the ghostly music before it disappears altogether. Each subsequent time that the same adventurers enter the room, there will be absolutely no trace of the dancers. If new members have been added to the party, these newcomers will be able to see the dancers, however.

The room is grand, with wooden floors and ornate moulding. A huge glass chandelier is here, but sheds no light. A fireplace is in the east wall, along with eight glass windows. The walls are faded yellow plaster.

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