Tuesday, January 20, 2015


41 COMMON ROOM. The most striking thing about this room are the seven stained glass windows, each with a scene showing an unarmored tall man hunting a different creature. From north to south the adversary is: a boar of tremendous size, a polar bear, a black dragon, a giant rhinoceros beetle with a blue and brown spotted carapace, a catoblepas, a horned devil, and a cloud giant. The man depicted is Benedict Triskelion, although this will not be obvious to a casual observer it will be known to all Trsikelion family members.

Two great braziers are near the east wall, along with four tubs of coal. In the center of the room is a carpeted area with three couches and four comfortable padded chairs, each with a gray and red striped pattern. In the center of this group is a short coffee table holding an empty pitcher and four wineglasses.

Three large black and red Triskelion banners hang from the east wall. Stairs descend to a corridor near Room 26 of the First Floor and ascend to Room 74 of the Third Floor.

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