Monday, January 12, 2015


33 SUN ROOM. There are five large glass windows in the north wall, and many large skylights provide this room with exceptional amounts of nourishing sunlight during the daytime. The walls and floor are covered with exorbitant plant life, with one sinister carnivorous plant monster ruling as king.

Pumpkin-Faced Vine Monster (AC 5; MV 3”; HD 6+6; hp 34; #AT 4 viney tendrils; D 2-5/2-5/2-5/2-5; SA Crush; Size L; XP 697)

If the monster hits a man-sized or smaller individual with two tendrils in can automatically crush them the next round for 4-16 points of damage. The pumpkin monster is susceptible to spells which affect plants, such as anti-plant shell and hold plant. It can survive on sun and water but hungers for fresh meat.

Tools, water sprinklers, and such items are arranged on shelves along the east wall, along with pump faucets for cold water. The secret door is operated from this end by means of a hidden switch located near the floor. The concealed door to Room 34 is hidden behind a wall of thick ivy.


  1. Hey man,
    loving the work as always.
    Just a small request; when you're updating with new room descriptions, it would be nice whenever you posted smaller room entries, to post them two a day instead of just one, just to get the smaller stuff out of the way faster.

    Of course, if this would interfere with say, the scheduling for the material you already have on hand, then carry on as always, but I always hunger for a bit more every day!
    Groaning Spirit

  2. Wow. I love your enthusiasm. I have done that in the past a few times. Right now I am scheduled ahead for a bit, and I've recently added a huge number of rooms to the Inner Ward Third Floor. I'll keep it in mind as I schedule going forward.