Friday, January 30, 2015


51 SALON. This room was obviously once opulently furnished. Now it has gone to ruin. The white plaster walls are dirty. The red carpeting is torn and shredded, revealing the scuffed wooden floor below. Couches and end tables are broken and sagging. A filthy large glass window is in the southwest corner. The ceiling is dominated by a monstrous cast iron chandelier featuring six snake-like heads. Immediately below the chandelier are three dead men and a heavy chest.

If the characters approach the center of the room, the chandelier will animate and attack as though it was a six-headed hydra. It cannot move, but its heads can extend and reach every part of the room.

Animated Chandelier (AC 5; MV 0”; HD 6; hp 48; #AT 6 bites; D 1-6 X 6; SA 1-4 attacks on same opponent; SD All heads must be killed to slay; XP 513)

The three men were adventurers who found a heavy treasure chest and were heading for the stairs in Room 53 when they were killed by the chandelier.

The first adventurer wears leather armor and had a normal sized shield, a scimitar, and wore a backpack containing two weeks standard rations (now ruined), thieves' tools, a metal cup, twenty feet of rope, flint and steel, three torches, and two metal vials containing one dose each of type A insinuative poison. His belt has a silver belt buckle worth 5 gold crescents. In his belt pouch are 21 gold crescents, 13 silver spanners, and 15 copper pieces.

The second adventurer wears plate mail armor and had a two-handed sword with a moonstone in its pommel (sword valued at 150 gold crescents). In a pouch around his neck are three bloodstones worth 50 gold crescents each and 6 silver spanners.

The third adventurer wears a bright yellow robe with white pentacles on it. He had a silver dagger, three darts, and a lantern. In his belt pouch is a small glass prism, 25 gold crescents, 19 silver spanners, and 2 copper pieces.

The treasure chest is locked and trapped. If opened without disarming the trap,a dark green gas will seep out and everyone in a 10' radius must save versus poison or take 1d8+2 points of damage and lose 1d6 points of strength for 2-5 (1d4+1) hours). If strength is reduced below 3, the individual may not move under his or her own power until the effect wears off. The treasure chest holds 2056 gold crescents, a large ornamental gold pin depicting a four horned goat (35 gold crescent value), and a magic-user scroll in a silver scroll case (20 gold crescent value). The scroll holds the spells clairaudience, forget, and jump.

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