Tuesday, January 13, 2015


34 FORGOTTEN ROOM. This room is dusty and has obviously not seen any use in years. There are three small windows located near the ceiling and a large table near the west wall holds a sarcophagus.

Within is a human appearing skeleton made of gold. Each bone is inscribed with its name. The whole thing weighs about 2400 gp weight, but the complete skeleton would be worth 5000 to 6000 gold crescents to a purveyor of rare items.

It was originally commissioned by Benedict Triskelion about fifty years ago. Benedict planned on giving it as a gift to Atlong Jargs, an evil high priest of a death cult to the west. However, when Atlong was betrayed and sacrificed by his own underlings Benedict had no use for the thing, so he had some servants put it here. Over time, everyone forgot about it.

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