Saturday, January 10, 2015


31 MUSICAL ROOM. When the adventurers approach the door to this room, they will be able to hear strange otherworldly music coming from inside, but when they open the door, the music will abruptly stop. Four chairs and stands with sheet music are here. Sitting on the chairs are a harp, lute, horn, and drum. The instruments are not magical and not particularly well-made, but are cold to the touch. Four stained glass windows are here depicting the same four instruments. One unlit candelabra with a bent rod is here.

Attempting to take an instrument out of the room will cause a shock of 1d4 hit points. If this is not enough to convince the person to return the instrument, they will be cursed and suffer -1 on their saving throws until the instrument is returned. These effects are cumulative for persons removing more than one instrument.

If none of the instruments have been removed, the weird music will continue once the adventurers leave the room.

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