Thursday, January 15, 2015


36 SECRET ROOM. A huge mahogany throne is against the east wall. The throne is flanked by two huge mirrors in wooden frames. Two waxwork mannikins flank the doorway. A curio cabinet is in the southeast corner and two framed scrolls are in the northwest corner. There are three large stained glass windows, each with a checkerboard of clear and deep red tinted glass.

Anyone sitting in the throne is immediately transported to the Throne Room, Room 48, of the Ground Floor of the Inner Ward, as if teleported without error. There is a 50% chance of landing in either the left or right throne, although the effect will not teleport someone to an occupied throne.

Anyone looking into the north mirror will see The First Floor of the Inner Ward Room 15. If the medusa is still there, the viewer stands normal chances of being turned to stone. Anyone looking into the south mirror will see a view from the Outer Ward, Room 8 of the Third Floor, the Belfry. The view is looking out over the main approach the the castle. This was a defense mechanism to allow the viewer to observe strangers as they approached the castle. These scrying devices will work if removed from the room, but always show the same places.

The waxwork to the west of the door is a white-bearded wizard wearing blue robes with silver stars, pointy shoes, a pointy hat, and bracers of defense AC 4.

The wax mannikin to the east is wearing man-sized splint mail +2 and holds a bastard sword +1, +2 vs. magic-using & enchanted creatures. 

The curio cabinet holds three shelves. On the top shelf is a stack of parchment scraps, a quill pen, and a silver letter opener worth 4 gold crescents. On the middle shelf is the skull of an owlbear and on the bottom shelf is a small locked chest with 58 gold crescents and a sapphire worth 200 gold crescents. The chest is trapped with a tiny needle that will inject purple dye into the hand of anyone who sets it off. Have the character roll a 1d20 as if for a saving throw, but ignore the result because the dye is relatively harmless. It will, however, slowly begin spreading all over the victim's body until all of their skin is purple. This will take about a day and it will fade after another week.

The first framed scroll has the illusionist spells of blindness, deafness, and fog cloud, while the second has the cleric spells of animate dead and snake charm.

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