Wednesday, November 12, 2014


37 STORAGE ROOM. This room is stuffed with all sorts of wooden furniture and other odds and ends: tables, bed frames, posts, wardrobes, and even unused doors. The place is unlit and moving about could be dangerous.

Three tringitipedes have made this area their home and are quite adept at navigating the area. While in this room they have an effective armor class of 5 and attack at +2 to hit.

3 Trigintipedes (AC 5 (7); MV 15”; HD 2; hp 14, 13, 7; #AT 1 bite; D 2-5; SA Weakness; XP 93, 91, 79)

The dead bodies of two orc Red Legs and a half elvish magic user are stashed away near the eastern portion of the room, under a bookcase. The first orc corpse has a belt pouch with 13 silver spanners and 8 copper pieces. The second orc corpse has 4 silver spanners and 4 copper pieces. The magic user has 23 gold crescents and a scroll with blink and hold person.

In the south wall, there are two open windows which look into the Throne Room, Room 48 of the Ground Level, suggesting that perhaps this room had a different purpose at one time.

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