Sunday, November 2, 2014


27 DEFAGO'S AND GRAZIA'S ROOM. The door is capable of being locked, but is not. The room is furnished to suit the needs of a nobleman and his wife, with a large bed, mirrors, nightstands, wardrobes, dressers, tables, hampers, etc. The entire south wall consists of a huge built-in bookcase holding thousands of leather bound volumes, but the other walls are paneled in wood. A glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling and there is a fireplace in the north wall.

The books are written in strange cipher. If a comprehend languages spell or similar magic is used, they will be found to consist of two basic types. The first group are transcribed works of noted sages and scholars who specialized in the study of philosophy. The next group are authored by Defago Triskelion and contain bizarre ramblings about the nature of the universe and man's place (or lack of a place) in it. They are Defago Triskelion's life's work and crowning achievement, although why he should choose to hide his works behind a code is a mystery perhaps explained only by the strangeness found in so many of the Triskelion family.

It appears as if this room has been visited by looters or adventurers, but not all valuables have been picked clean. The clothes alone in the wardrobes would fetch 200 gold crescents. There are several other valuable items scattered about: a silver letter opener (7 gold crescents), an antique snuffbox (4 gold crescents), and a jade duck statue (140 gold crescents). A hidden panel is present in the west wall and if the wall is tapped a hollow spot will ring out. Behind the panel is a bag holding 47 gold crescents and a tiger eye gem worth 300 gold crescents.

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