Tuesday, November 4, 2014


29 ELDRID'S ROOM. This was the bedroom of Eldrid Triskelion. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. It is decorated with a stylized tiger of three heads.

A robed figure sits in a large green padded armchair near the west wall facing towards the fireplace and away from the entrance. This is the simulacrum of Eldrid Triskelion. He is smoking a pipe, drinking a glass of fine wine (which is resting on a table next to the chair), and reading a book about gardening. Anyone who has seen the portrait of Eldrid Triskelion on the third floor will surmise that this is the same man. He is of middle height with greasy black hair. If the adventurer's speak to him he will wave them away and tell them he does not want to be bothered. The simulacrum has only partial (about 45%) memories and absolutely no clue about the current sorry state of the castle. He is neither curious about the adventurer's nor aggressive. He just wants to be left alone. If the pestering continues, he ask that the adventurers (whom he takes to be servants) get him something to eat. Since Eldrid was a nobleman of high rank, he will be expected to be obeyed instantly and he tends to take a haughty and superior tone. If attacked, he will defend himself as best he is able, while screaming for the guards to take away the intruders. The guards are long gone and will not come, of course.

Simulacrum of Eldrid Triskelion (AC 10; MV 12”; F3; hp 38; #AT 1; D Short sword; S 14, I 9, W 8, D 12, C 16, CH 16; XP 212)

This creature will appear to be a human in every way, but a detect magic spell or a true seeing spell will instantly reveal it is not as it seems. The original Eldrid was a ninth level fighter lord and the simulacrum has only a vestige of his combat abilities and a fraction of his hit points. Should it be destroyed it will collapse into a pile of dirty snow.

The walls are blocks of purple and gray stone and the floors are carpeted in dark green. There are three large stained glass windows and a lit fireplace in the west wall. A metal tub holds a large supply of firewood. There is a large bed near the south wall, four unlit candelabras, a soiled bedpan, twelve crates of wine (each with twelve bottles, value 4 gold crescent per bottle), a standing mirror, and a wardrobe holding men's clothing. Eldrid's sign of the three-headed tiger is found on the bed, furniture, and windows.

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