Thursday, October 30, 2014


24 PAOZO'S SANCTUM. A dissecting table is in the center of the room. Strapped to the table is a flesh golem. A scalpel is sticking out of its chest and many of the sutures have not been closed properly. Paozo was making the golem but was not able to enchant it properly.

Half Strength Flesh Golem (AC 9; MV 8”; HD 5; hp 20; #AT 2; D 1-8/1-8; SD Immunity to most spells; XP 265)

This creature has the normal spell immunities of a flesh golem, but is susceptible to normal weapons. Its bonds have weakened over time and when the characters enter the room it will break them and attack immediately. Because of the incomplete job, embalming fluids and blood will squirt of of its open wounds as it fights. It will attack until destroyed.

A candelabra with blood red candles is in each corner, but they are unlit. Along the north wall is a wooden table with various metal surgical tools (scalpels, bone saw, pickups, rulers, scissors, etc.) carefully laid out. Along the east wall are four sets of manacles. A fireplace is in the south wall and beside it is a small wooden treasure chest. Near the door is a hook holding the keys to Room 23 and the chest hang from it by a bit of ribbon.

The surgical tools are crafted masterfully and if the whole were collected and sold they would be worth about 90 gold crescents.

The locked chest contains finely made silver dagger with a gilded and bejeweled hilt worth 300 gold crescents, a ruby worth 500 gold crescents, and a red velvet bag holding old imperial Jalluxian coins: 58 silver stars, 13 golden dragons, and 3 platinum imperials

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