Saturday, October 25, 2014


19 MEETING ROOM. This large room is impeccably clean. There is a large broad table with seating for forty people. The dozen large glass windows in the north wall are scrubbed and the hardwood floor is spotless. Nine Triskelion shields featuring the white legs on a black field are hung on the south wall. Standing suits of man-sized plate armor are in the northwest and southwest corners.

This room is the home of a force equivalent to a permanent unseen servant, except it is tied to the room instead of to a person. It will try to take the hat (or helmet) from any characters entering the room. Characters may assume they are being attacked telekinetically or are the victim of a haunting. The unseen servant is also responsible for the room's neat condition. If the characters realize the nature of the force, it will take orders readily but cannot leave the room.

On the table are quill pens, ink bottles, sheets of paper, glasses and carafes. All the ink has dried and the carafes are empty.

The suits of armor are normal and in perfect condition.

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