Tuesday, October 7, 2014


1 LONG HALL. Large glass windows look to the north, while small decorative arched open windows look down upon the Feast Hall (Room 2, Ground Level). Between each window there are places for torches. An ornate suit of bronze plate armor stands in the northwest corner. Next to it is a small table and miniature ornate chest. Against the south wall near the eastern staircase is a small niche at about face level. This is at the secret door entrance to Room 2.

The suit of armor contains a pasty white wax humanoid figure, but is not animated.

The chest holds a thousand tiny gems, each flawed and worth a total of 10 gold crescents. The chest is made of silver and fine wood, however, and worth 100 gold crescents.

The niche in the wall over the secret door to Room 2 contains a small gray stone figurine of a woman in a hooded robe. It is worked into the wall, so it can't be easily removed unless broken. If the figure is rotated clockwise the secret door will slide open.

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