Wednesday, September 17, 2014


34 FORGOTTEN CAVE. This out-of-the-way cave is quite dry and seems to have been used as a camping site at some time in the past, for there is the remains of a small fire in a circle of rocks. A natural chimney is present in the eight foot ceiling, ideal for carrying away smoke and providing natural ventilation and freedom from the stink of the sewer.

A large leather satchel is near the south wall. It holds a sketchbook, ink bottles with dried-up ink, worn quill pens, three paper packets, and a wooden scroll case.

The sketchbook is in good condition and contains pictures of local plants, animals, and several monsters that the adventurers should recognize from the dungeon. The plant and animals are drawn as seen in nature, while the monsters are almost all drawn post-mortem. The book is signed “Longilius Oldstone” and is about two-thirds of the way finished. The value of the remaining parchment is 40 gold crescents, but the book could be sold for as much as 200 gold crescents for its artistic merits.

The packets of paper hold mistletoe, each enough for the casting of a spell. This should be regarded as “borrowed mistletoe” for the purposes of druidic spell casting.

The scroll case holds a scroll with the druid spells Detect Snares & Pits and Speak With Animals. The case is itself worth 4 silver spanners.

What happened to the druid and why he left his goods here is a mystery.

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