Tuesday, September 30, 2014


V STORAGE ROOM. This room is large and roomy with a ceiling height of twelve feet, on average. The following items are stacked against the north, east, and west walls:

  • Seven casks of fruit and nuts, holding apricots, cherries, dates, apples, pears, chestnuts, and almonds
  • A basket holding dozens of heads of lettuce
  • Three wooden boxes, nailed shut, holding several pounds of dried beef jerky each
  • Six barrels of salted fish
  • Twenty bottles of rum and seventeen bottles of whiskey
  • Loose jars of honey and jam
  • Twenty four sacks containing oats, flour, turnips, raisins, carrots, and leeks
  • The carcass of a giant weasel
  • A battered wooden container holding old nails, pairs of scissors, a broken lantern, bits of thread, a rusty saw, and sixteen unmatched wax candles
  • A pile of six short swords, nine daggers, two hand axes, and a morning star
  • An iron cooking pot holding paint brushes and a miniature bird cage with the skeleton of a canary inside
  • Six hooded lanterns and seventeen flasks of oil
  • Thousands of sheets of paper, torn from books and placed in a pile; used for giant rat messenger's messages
  • Antique writing desk with ink and quill pens

The food items are edible, for the most part, though none are fresh.

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