Tuesday, September 9, 2014


26 STATUES. This encounter should take place before the DM rolls for secret door checks on the south wall. The north statue is a maiden, while the south statue is a noble knight. As the party walks by, the north statue will speak to them:

Listen well to our rede
If you want to move with speed
Or to indulge your greed
We will not try to mislead”

While talking, the maiden statue will gradually change into that of a humanoid cow. As soon as she has finished her last sentence, and before the characters have a chance to respond, the south statue will speak up:

True it is that I eat hay
And my back is often sway
If you want things to go your way
Tell me, what do I say?”

While speaking, the knight will also change form, becoming a horse. The correct answer to the riddle is “neigh”, the sound of a horse. If the correct answer is given, the horse statue will reach into its throat, pull out a 1000 gold crescent diamond, and hand it over to the party. It will then lean over and open the secret door. If the party came through the secret door, it will still give the diamond away.

A wrong answer will result in both of the statues disappearing, as if teleported away, and no treasure or secret door location will be given away. In any case, after the party leaves the area, the statues will disappear for good.

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