Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Actual game play in Quasqueton Part 2

This is a continuation of the play report for my daughters, now aged 8 and 10, in B1 in Search of the Unknown.  For the first report, see:

We actually played in the first week of August and I am only now setting it down from my notes.  The entire party returns for this new expedition.

Iseult half elf fighter magic-user 1/1
Athena elf magic-user 1

Garmand human cleric 2
Ahlo Rengate human fighter 1
Krago of the Mountains dwarf fighter 1

The party meets in Ahlo's inn.  They agree  to return to Quasqueton, but Krago has a few doubts, thinking they need a thief to join to party to round it out.  The players tentatively agree and Krago uses the opportunity to introduce his cousin Brago of the Mountains, a first level dwarf thief.  He is accepted by the party and the set out for the dungeon.

On the way, they have a random encounter with a green dragon flying high overhead, but it either doesn't notice them or care about them, and they move on.

They arrive at the dungeon without further difficulty and note that the branches and weeds that obstruct the door have been cut back quite a bit, suggesting an increased use of the dungeon entrance.  

They bring out their map and set off.  The red line tracks their progress.  They make their way to Room 12, the library.  The search for secret doors and examine the books.  Garmand picks up one and opens it, revealing that the book has been hollowed out and it holds 120 gold pieces and a folded up piece of paper.  Naturally, the paper unfolds itself, turning into a human-shaped paper monster, attacking the party and dealing Garmand five points of damage with its sharp edges.

The combined might of the party slays it, however, and they leave 120 gp richer.  Garmand uses his first cure spell on himself.

They turn south and head to Room 17, the char storage cellar.  The floor is covered with tiny black soot sprites, but the party realizes that they are not dangerous and they soon disappear.  Their attempts to open the false door are very loud and they attract the attention of wandering monsters, three evil dwarves.  After a short combat they emerge victorious, but with cost, as the thief Brago is slain.  Krago experiences a sense of loss and guilt for bringing his his cousin to the dungeon that has caused his death and the PCs are much saddened.  One of the evil dwarves was carrying a sack of 820 silver pieces, which they take.  They finish busting down the false door, only to realize that it is a fake.

They head to Room 18, the smithy, and encounter four more evil dwarves, but luckily get surprise and take out one in the surprise portion of combat.  Iseult uses her magic missile spell and is a little surprised that it doesn't take out a dwarf by itself.  Still, they handily kill two more dwarves, with Iseult only taking a minor wound.  Athena uses her staff to good effect, wading into combat as if she was not a magic-user.  The final dwarf fails his morale check and surrenders.  They search the bodies, revealing 4 garnets worth 100 gp each, and question the evil dwarf, but he is unwilling or unable to tell them much.  They tie him up and move on to Room 19.

In Room 19, the access room, they encounter the leader of the evil dwarves, a second level fighter.  Nevertheless, after a brief fight they again defeat the enemy, discovering a chest of 620 gp and the shaft leading down to the lower level.  After a brief discussion, they decide they don't like the hole and leave the way they came, heading north and eventually reaching Room 14, luckily not meeting wandering monster along the way.

Using their special elf and half-elf senses, Athena and Iseult notice the secret door leading to Room 14, the auxiliary storeroom.  Searching, they discover only a pile of rubble and an onyx statue of a dog-faced man, worth 200 gp, which they grab.

They head along the north portion of the map, eventually reaching the northernmost Room 35, but discover nothing of importance therein.  They nearly go into the middle Room 35, where a wolf-centaur is waiting, but they decide to leave as it is getting late.  They reach the dungeon entrance and then the inn in town with no other wandering monsters encountered.

They split the loot, but neither PC is yet at level 2, although Athena is much closer than Iseult, being single-classed.  Athena still hasn't used her sleep spell yet, and I am beginning to wonder if she ever will.  She seems interested in the web spell scroll she got as part of her treasure from the last session, and she can't wait to get to level 2.


  1. Glad to hear that the girls are enjoying the dungeon. Very cute comment re the sleep spell. Maybe it could have saved poor Brago!