Saturday, August 23, 2014


9 PIT. There are three pits of this type on the map. Each pit is ten feet deep and like the corridor, it is filled with water. The pit cannot be seen by casual inspection because the water is so filthy. Falling into the pit will cause no damage, but characters in metal armor will sink and require immediate help or start drowning. This pit is located in a narrow corridor, so the marching order will have to be single file. Unless the character in the lead is probing ahead with a pole, he or she will fall into the pit unless they make a save versus petrification at -8. If the characters are moving slowly and carefully (they must expressly state this) then the saving throw to avoid can be made at -2. If they are running for some reason (such as avoiding an encounter or fleeing), they will automatically fall in. The hobgoblins and Red Legs know of the existence of this and the other pits in the Sewers and avoid them with wooden planks or metal beams.

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