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8 HAUNTED ROOM. The door to this room is made of black iron. It has been sealed along its edges with red wax and someone has used a seal to imprint thaumaturgic triangles on the wax. The door can be forced open without too great a trouble, however, as the wax crumbles easily.

Inside there is a hunched over person seated on a iron chair in the center of the room, facing southeast. The room is relatively dry and the room appear cramped because the ceiling height is only six feet. A fire pit and an iron poker are just north of the chair.

The figure seated in the chair is the corpse of Eldrid Triskelion. His arms are tied behind his back and his head hangs down limply to his lap. Eldrid was an unattractive older man and his corpse is even more foul-appearing. Only a few strands of black hair cling to the back of his dry leathery scalp. Nevertheless, the body is in very good condition, perhaps because of the hermetic sealing of the room.

If even a cursory examination is made, it can be determined that he died of torture, as there are numerous blackened areas on his face and chest where the hot poker was used on him. A rival Triskelion wizard kidnapped him, tortured him to death, and replaced him with a simulacrum (see Room 29 First Floor Inner Ward). He wears a gold chain of office with a heavy gold medallion decorated with his personal symbol (the three-headed tiger) and several small emeralds (10,000 gold crescent value).

If his medallion is touched or taken, Eldrid's restless spirit become enraged, inhabit his body, and break his bonds, then attack. While Eldrid is breaking the ropes, the party automatically gains the initiative.

Eldrid Triskelion, undead horror (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 6+1; hp 29; #AT 2 claw-like hands; D 3-10/3-10; SA Paralysis as a ghast; SD Limited spell immunity, resistance to normal weapons; XP 732)

Infused with ectoplasmic energy, Eldrid has an effective strength of 18 and paralyzes with the same effect as a ghast. Magical, silver, or black iron weapons affect him normally, but other weapons do only minimum possible damage (including strength bonus, if applicable). He has all the immunities of undead (sleep, charm, hold, cold-based attacks) and can not affected by the clerical ability to turn or destroy while in this room.

If the adventurers somehow escape him, but leave him still intact, he will regenerate his hit points after 24 hours and then can track his medallion without error, likely appearing at an inopportune moment. Outside of this room, he may be turned as a “Special” undead, but not by those who have taken his medallion. An exorcism spell, immersion in holy water, immolation, or dissolving him in acid will defeat him utterly.

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