Thursday, August 28, 2014


14 TOMB OF SAINT MALTHUS THE MAIMED. The ceiling height in this room is only six feet, while the corridors to the north and south are seven feet. Posted above the entrance from each direction is the phrase “HERE LIES MALTHUS THE REVILED, LET HIM ROT IN THIS SEWER FOR ALL TIME”.

In the center of the room is a small island, about two feet above floor level. A stone sarcophagus lies atop the island. It has been cracked open, revealing bones and rags of clothing, the remains of Saint Malthus. Malthus was a poor but pious wandering priest who opposed some of the more nefarious of the Triskelion family too many times. He was captured, tortured to death in the dungeons, and buried here as an ultimate insult.

If any person of good alignment touches the sarcophagus, a bright light will appear above the bones in the shape of a small deformed man. Saint Malthus will heal every party member of good alignment, and all neutrals will also be cured 1 hit point. All good aligned party members will feel renewed confidence and vigor, which the Dungeon Master should convey to the players verbally. Following his gift, Malthus' spirit will fade away and will not appear again for that group of characters.

If given a proper burial outside Castle Triskelion, every good or neutral aligned party member involved in helping him will be blessed for one full week following his burial ceremony and gain an additional one hit point permanently.

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