Friday, March 21, 2014


35 CROSSBOW WORKSHOP. Three hobgoblins are inspecting this room.

Hobgoblin (hp 9, black iron trident, 3 gold crescents, 8 silver spanners, 12 copper pieces)
Hobgoblin (hp 3, black iron footman's mace, 2 gold crescents, 12 silver spanners, 7 copper pieces)
Hobgoblin (hp 4, black iron broadsword, 3 gold crescents, 1 silver spanner, 4 copper pieces)

They all wear black Triskelion livery over their armor. They are part of the group that works for Vicenne Triskelion (Inner Ward Ground Level Room 47). They have not picked up any of the crossbows yet (see below), but are certainly savvy enough to do so if the adventurers give them the chance to engage in missile combat.

This room was used for building and repairing crossbows. There are four heavy wooden tables and several weapons racks. There are four large glass windows, two the the north and two to the southeast.

The four large worktables contain shaped wood and string necessary to build five heavy crossbows and materials to complete twenty seven heavy bolts.

The weapon racks hold seven heavy crossbows, four light crossbows, fifty nine heavy bolts and fifty seven light bolts.

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