Sunday, March 30, 2014

Encounter Key: Outer Ward Third Floor

The Third Floor of the Outer Ward is divided into four towers. The northeast tower is also known as the Bell Tower. It is the home of the Triskelion family member known only as the bellman. The northwest tower is the domain of a doppelganger who has assumed the persona of the chief falconer. The southwest tower is the former quarters of Ruggero Triskelion and his family and it is also known as the Captain's Tower. It is now inhabited by wererats. The southeast tower is a prison. It has been taken over by hobgoblins.

Like the lower floors, the majority of the rooms are of dressed stone, with wooden beams supporting the ceilings. Floors are made of wood planks, except as noted elsewhere. Ceiling height is twelve feet, unless otherwise noted. Many rooms have cressets for torches.

The Third Floor connects to the Second Floor only.

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