Monday, March 10, 2014


24 CAPTAIN'S ANTECHAMBER. The door to this room is locked. The doorway is trapped with a mechanical swinging blade that causes 10 hit points of damage, 5 if a save vs petrification is made. It will activate when someone attempts to open the door. The trap has not been activated in a long time, so there are no telltale blood-spills to warn of its existence, however, close inspection of the door-frame will reveal a thin slit where the blade exits. There is also an oil stain from the oil used to keep the blade swinging efficiently.

The room was the office of Ruggero Triskelion, the captain of the Outer Ward. There is a huge wooden desk facing the door to Room 23. The large wooden padded chair behind the desk is massive. Four smaller chairs are placed before the desk. The east wall holds three large stained glass windows.

A desk contains dated correspondence, death warrants, and requisitions for money, armor, and weapons. The are inkwells and quills on the top of the desk and there are five drawers. Two are empty, one contains miscellaneous worthless items (scraps of paper, iron nails, a candle) and the captain's personal wax seal (three daggers radiating from a central point) with wax and necessary effects. The next drawer contains a small bag of 15 gold crescents and the last drawer holds a silver and sapphire bracelet (200 gold crescents) and a brooch of shielding (looks like an silver brooch in the shape of a swan worth about 30 gold crescents).

Ruggero's large chair is almost a throne and his crest (the three radiating daggers) is inscribed above the headrest.

Each stained glass window features a Triskelion face. The scowling man is in the center while the laughing man is to his right and the crying man is to the left.

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