Sunday, March 2, 2014


16 STUDIO. In the center of the room sits an easel with a bizarre unfinished painting of a bird-faced man on it. As the adventurers enter the room, they will hear a sickening wet noise, as the painting comes to life and crawls out of the canvas. It has the body of a man and the head of a bird, but is terribly incomplete. The skin is absent, displaying exposed bone and muscle. The right arm and leg are just stumps, but the left hand is instead a bird-like claw. The thing will shuffle forward to attack, screeching horribly.

Animated birdman painting (AC 10, HD 4, MV 3”, hp 19, attacks with claw for 2-9 and bite for 2-5, Size M, xp 136)

As it strikes characters, its exposed veins and arteries will burst, leaving red smears on their bodies, that will later prove to be made of red paint. If it is killed it will dissolve into a colorful smear on the floor.

A palette with dried paint lies on the floor and a stool stands before the easel. A table along the east wall holds pigments, brushes, mortars and pestles. Although some of the paraphernalia is usable, all of the inks and pigments have gone dry. The walls are made of irregularly shaped stones fitted together and the floor is yellowed wood. Two large glass windows are here, overlooking the first floor garden, and sunlight pours in.

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